Finding My Way

Finding My Way. . . . .

I quit my job last June. Took a year leave of absence, actually. As I walked out the door, I thought that I would never be back. However, here I am, ten months later, contemplating doing just that.


Have I discovered that I will never be happy doing anything else but the work I left?

Am I incapable of doing a different job?

Will I regret NOT going back?

No, no, and no.

I’m thinking of going back because it’s the easiest path to take. It’s an income when I’ve gone without for too long. It’s an identity. It’s security.

Trying to find my way to a different job/life that fulfill those three niches has been effing hard. Forget about the income-I’ll be filing bankruptcy soon. Maybe I’ve found an identity-I’m a writer-but its fit is too new to feel comfortable and cozy. Security? As a writer? Enough said.

Yet, my year leave of absence isn’t up until August 25th (it’s a stretchy-long year) so I still have some time to find my way. I want to find my way out of the old life and into a new one. People supposedly re-invent themselves all the time and now I believe that it’s my time to do some re-inventing, or better yet, some re-creating.

Share your thoughts. . .

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