Writing Romance is not for Wimps

I have a confession.

I did not come up with the idea that my writing suffers from procrastination.

Yes, I do procrastinate. Yes, I get bogged down in my procrastination, unable to get anything done due to Procrastination Jam. Yes, I haven’t written even half as much as I’d thought I would during my year-off of teaching (does writing ten pages count?).

In my desperation (what’s wrong with me that I’m not writing?!) I picked up my copy of Writing Romance, The Ultimate Guide on Craft, Creation and Industry Connections, an anthology published by the San Francisco Area chapter of Romance Writers of America. Between its covers was advice from writers I’d loved reading, from Bella Andre and Veronica Wolff to Allison Brennan and Kate Douglas.

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In these pages I discovered that I am not unique. My challenges are the same challenges as others—creating and completing a story, developing vivid characters, fear of my writing being rejected.

It was ‘Battling Procrastination—One Day at a Time’, by Sophie Littlefield, that saved my dream of writing. Through a combination of exercises and reflection, she shared how she went from a fairly confident non-fiction writer—that’s me!—to a blocked fiction writer with ‘lives too busy and obligations too great’ to spend time writing—that’s me!—to writing 87,000 words in one hundred days—that WILL be me!

Her secret? Ferret out your fears, face your fears, then write one hundred words every day, no matter what, no matter where you are. . . The key is to make your goals clear and to be your own unyielding boss from hell.

Alright, Sophie, here’s what I’ll do. There are one-hundred ten days until I’m back teaching. For each day, starting today, I will write at least one hundred words on my WIP (Work In Progress–currently titled Swashbuckler’s Noon Delight).

When I procrastinate, because I know I will, I’ll procrastinate by reading another writer’s advice from the Writing Romance anthology.

Contemporary and paranormal romance writer by night, copy-editor and teacher by day, Karysa Faire is still finding her way in life. Loving to read, travel, and explore the human psyche, she is the author of two blogs, Karysa Faire’s Way and Parenting the LGBT Child.

7 thoughts on “Writing Romance is not for Wimps

  1. Aw, this was a really nice post. In idea I would like to put in writing like this additionally – taking time and actual effort to make a very good article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and by no means seem to get something done.

  2. Thanks for your confession, Karysa – makes me feel not so unique in my problem 🙂
    I am also a fairly confident non-fiction writer and farily stuck fiction writer. At the moment I’m mastering procrastination to the point that I can’t pull myself together to read an article on coping with procrastination. it’s pathetic, I know.

    My WIP has been dormant for many, many months (but I’ve completed another novel in the meantime) 100 words a day is not much. I’m in it, girls 🙂

    • Hi Kate, sounds to me that you’ve been busy writing, just perhaps not the things that you want to be writing? Doesn’t it all count in the big scheme of things?

      I’ve been feeling pathetic all day–didn’t sit down to write until 11:00 pm. There was just too much to do today, like watching American Idol, eating cake, and playing games on my iPhone. . . . .

      But I did finally write 177 words. Phew! I made my boss-from-hell happy!

  3. hey Karysa! I’m so glad you’re going for it. I’ll make a deal with you – any time you want to do a writing challenge just tell me on twitter and I’ll “meet” you there. So if you want to do your hundred words, I’ll match you. Also my friends and I do this thing called 45/15s where you agree to write 45 minutes, then you get 15 minutes off; write 45, take 15 off; etc. I’m always up for those too. Honestly, that’s my favorite use of twitter – to get on there and go “HELP!!!” when I need someone to nudge me. Ready, set, go! (and if you want, i’m swlittlefield, and just tell me your id and i’ll follow you too and introduce you to the gang)

    • I love the idea of 45 min on/15 off. Just think of all the cleaning, um, writing I could get done! I’m so excited to be doing this and I thank you for your support–how does anyone every write alone????

  4. Thanks, Beth. 🙂
    I here ya–the 100 words that are NOT blog, email, FB related. That’s why I specified 100 words/day on my WIP. For me, I’m not counting journaling, either because I can journal hundreds of pages and not be one word closer to finishing my WIP. However, Sophie suggests to incorporate whatever works for you (’cause everyone has different needs).

  5. Love it! Great job! Okay, 100 words a day; I can do that too, on my WIP, not my blog, emails, Facebook posts, twitter tweets, etc. yep, I’m writing a lot, just not my WIP. Does journaling count? My WIP is in the dormant stage, though just got a clear picture of the beginning!

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