Money, Love & Time

Money, Love & Time is 4th in the series, A Heroine’s Journey Through a Mid-Life Crisis. Today we look at the questions:

What do I want more of in my life? What have I imprisoned that is crying to be free?


This is an easy question for me to answer. Living in a fantasy world, this is what I want more of in my life: Money, love, and time.

The Kiss by Francesco Hayez

#1) I want more money in my life so that I can buy clothes, books, and music, go on vacation when I want, and not have to work.

#2) I want love in my life so that I don’t have to take the garbage out (Significant Other will do that), I’ll get foot massages in the evening and experience multiple orgasms at night.

#3) I want more time in my life so that I can write my Work In Progress, read all the blog postings from my friends, write my own blog post, do the work for my online class, pay bills (see #1), and clean the house, all in the next three hours.

Unfortunately, these are not easy questions for me to fulfill. I think that part of the issue is feeling that these are deficits in my life, rather than recognizing the fullness of what I already have. I have money, I have love of family and friends, I have a whopping 24 hours/day. Appreciating what I have rather than pining for what I don’t have. . . .

(But damn it! I still want those vacations, foot massages, and orgasms!)

What have I imprisoned that is crying to be free? A year ago I would have told you that it was the writer in me. The writer was too busy to write. The writer was too tired to create. The writer was too rusty to move.

Today, the writer is free from time and energy constraints, but she still doesn’t know how to freely create or comfortably move. So is it the writer I have imprisoned that is crying to be free? Or is it another aspect of me that has yet to be discerned?

And you? What do you want more of in life? What part of yourself have you imprisoned?

One thought on “Money, Love & Time

  1. I think it’s the child in me. That’s cliche I know but it’s true. I missed growing up and I want it back. That’s one reason I write, to capture my imagination. I love your blog. I think all of us want multiples at night *wink*

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