Dating Service Part 1

I joined a dating service.

Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss

Ugh. Why, oh, why did I succumb to the idea that I would like to meet someone? It was late one night when I filled out the form (an ad on Facebook caught me), two days later I received a phone call, two days after that I was sitting in an office, being schmoozed and sold a membership.

Wow, they’re good. Kind of felt like a wham-bam, wop!

But I really do want to meet someone and nothing else has worked. So what do I have to lose, except for $1,000? Ouch. For the record, I justified the cost as a business expense. I write about romance, after all.

So I’ve gone on my first meet-and-greet date. The man seemed nice, smart, well traveled. We talked about lighter things then veered off into religion-we both laughed at the turn of the conversation, joking that it was a topic we weren’t supposed to cover on the first date.

I learned that he’s a tad more religious than I feel comfortable with. He makes his kids observe Ramadan. He learned that I’m Jewish-ish.

We also talked about kids and touched on exes—nothing heavy.

I learned that he’s resentful of paying his ex wife alimony & palimony—she can work too, you know—and he doesn’t want to move away from his kids (we live about 90 minutes apart).

I also learned that he thought our dating service was not very good—I was the first woman he’d met who was, essentially, good enough for him (here I’m reading between the sentences). I know he meant it as a compliment to me as he said that I was smart, pretty, well-traveled, open minded. . . . .

I think that he’s honest, perhaps not great at small talk. He wants to take me out to dinner next week.

What say you? Should I get to know him better?

5 thoughts on “Dating Service Part 1

  1. Ohhh baby, I’m not touching this one. You need to KNOW for yourself if this is right or wrong, good or bad, or just trolling for Mr. Right-Now…. which isn’t necessary a bad thing. Go with your gut and trust in your instincts. Oh, and BTW, enjoy the ride – always.

  2. I agree with Reina. I like the idea of going on another date and getting to know him further. Sometimes it’s hard to tell from the first date. People are nervous and don’t always put their best foot forward. He sounds interesting enough though. Take a chance 🙂

  3. Depends on your goal. If he was interesting and attractive enough to you and you just want to enjoy some moments, go for it…but if you’re looking at having something serious, it sounds like not…whatever you do, I hope you have fun, learn about yourself, and appreciate the vast diversity of people…which I’m pretty sure you already do. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • The problem is that I have a major case of FMS-fear of missing something. Or, WI-what if? Even though my gut is telling me ‘no’, my brain turns it around to ‘maybe no’ which means the same thing as ‘maybe yes’. What if, what if, he’s The One and I didn’t recognize it because of my own fears and walls?

      So, yes, I think I’ll do date #2. With a bit of luck and with the help of the awesome feedback I’m getting here, I will learn more about myself and have a fun time doing it. 😉

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