Six Sentence Sunday 7/17/11

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday, where I post six sentences of a current work in progress (WIP) of my writing. This is a contemporary romance, tentatively titled Swashbuckler. This is the morning after our two lovers have been reunited (temporarily, of course). Enjoy! 

. . . .Eyes still closed, she brought her hand up to touch his skin, lightly running her palm over his chest and brushing the coarse hair that she loved. She skimmed his nipple. It responded immediately to the sensation, tightening up into a pebble.

“If you keep that up, we may never get out of this bed,” Rodger grumbled in her ear, immediately nibbling on her lobe. Her eyes flew open. His breath sent shivers through her body as it remembered the pleasure he had given the night before. . . . .

Now that you’ve read mine, please go visit some of the 166 other authors who have published six of their work today in celebration of Six Sentence Sunday!

Gerry Butler-leading man in Swashbuckler?


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