Wow! Without Mercy by Belinda Boring

Without Mercy, a Mystic Wolves novelette, is Belinda Boring’s first published work. I loved it! With immediate danger, werewolves, hints of love, and uncontrollable grief, it satisfied my inner urban-fantasy fanatic. From the first sentence, the tension grabbed me and held tight until the end. I found myself yelling out-loud at the protagonist in a few spots–my poor dog was so startled at my unexpected howl that he fell off his perch on the couch. You know a story is good when you talk to it.

It is written in a short-story style, basically one scene from beginning to end. And it is masterfully done. There are no side trips down memory lane or introduction of characters that are not important. Tidbits of information are seamlessly added (such as a reference to vampires) that explain the current situation and hint at the possible stories to come. The pacing is fantastic and takes us through the plot as if we were there, direct observers of the scene that unfolds.

While the character descriptions were solid, only one character was really developed. The protagonist, Darcy, a female werewolf who believes that non-violent resolutions are possible in every situation, has her beliefs put to the test with some heart-stopping consequences. She was absolutely believable as a character. Mason, the leader of the pack, on the other hand, reacted in a way that was unexpected given that he was alpha. There were some hints to his motivations, but not quite enough to make him believable for me. However, Without Mercy is not about Mason, it’s about Darcy. He was a minor part of the story so he was easy to overlook.

Belinda, I’m looking forward to the next in the series. There is another, right?


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