Six Sentence Sunday #3

For a total change of pace, I thought I’d give y’all six sentences that did NOT include sex. Hope that’s OK. . . .I won’t even do an introduction because it’s pretty evident what’s going on from the first line. Hope you enjoy! I loved writing this scene. Please feel free to subscribe to my blog down at the bottom of the page. I have 14 subscribers. I’d love to have 20!

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Picture borrowed from a blog site of a Peace Corps volunteer.

She felt her world tipping; one moment she was in the raft, the next she was in the water. Closing her mouth, resisting the urge to scream, Rachel frantically tried to grab hold of the raft, a hold of anything, but she was quickly sucked down the rapids, her life jacket keeping half of her afloat. She faced upstream as the water pulled her backward. As she struggled to turn herself around and put her legs out in front, her shoulder slammed and scraped against something hard and unforgiving. Finally succeeding, Rachel pushed off an oncoming boulder and propelled herself toward a large rock jutting out of the water. She grabbed and hugged it, almost sobbing in relief as it halted her trip down the river, sans raft. Gasping, taking in sweet air, she held tight, relishing the feeling of the jagged stone digging into her body.


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17 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #3

  1. Good six sentences, however, a 16 year old cousion died…too realistic for me to read. Sorry, it brought back sad memories of a very sad summer many years ago.

    • I’m so sorry. 😦 A friend of mine died river kayaking when I was in college. It was devastating. I can’t begin to imagine the pain of losing a young cousin to that kind of accident. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you for the comments-I really appreciate the feedback. Relieved that you feel the panic-writing is so different from reading it. The rafting happened, but I fortunately did not fall in (at least in this river). River rafting is definitely a thrill and SO WORTH IT! Just make sure you have a great guide because he/she makes all the difference. Next week, we’ll come closer to seeing if she survives. . . .. .

  3. Wow, very descriptive – I would have guessed this actually happened to you it seems so real – Great six.The last line got me thinking though – relished the feeling of the jagged stone – a masochist, maybe?

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