Six Sentence Sunday #4 (River Rafting)

Thank you for stopping by my post on Six Sentence Sunday. . . To everyone who left a comment last week, thank you! From my Work In Progress, Six Sentence Sunday begins where I left off last week. Rachel is clinging to a rock after being thrown from the safety of her raft. Next week I’ll wrap this scene with a bit of a conclusion; please stop by. And don’t forget to visit all of the other amazing writers contributing to Six Sentence Sunday!

I won’t panic, I won’t panic, I’m not dead, I won’t panic.
Her peripheral vision saw a raft speeding by, leaving her behind with her rock.
Don’t panic, don’t panic, you’re alive–you fell out of the boat, but you’re still alive.
Rachel heard shouting over the rapids. She tried to turn her head to see. The movement was enough to loosen her grip and she slipped.

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