Six Sentence Sunday #5 (River Rafting)

Thank you for stopping by my post on Six Sentence Sunday. . . To everyone who left a comment last week, thank you! From my Work In Progress, Six Sentence Sunday begins where I left off last week. Rachel is clinging to a rock after being thrown from the safety of her raft. She was beginning to lose her hold. . . And don’t forget to visit all of the other amazing writers contributing to Six Sentence Sunday!

Without warning, Rachel felt a tug on her life jacket and she lost her grip as she was ripped away from her anchor.

She flew through the air; one moment she was in the water, the next she was in the raft. Canvas and wet rubber, oars and feet surrounded her as she lay on her back.

Don’t panic, don’t panic. The mantra was stuck on replay, the adrenaline still looping through her body. . . .

Rachel screamed, fear finally having its way.

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    • Thanks for your feedback on the layout. My blog is always a work in progress. . .I’m sure I’ll change it again to make it look more like a ‘writer’s blog’. And Liz, she is saved!

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