Jimmy Thomas is Tuesday’s Treat

My favorite close-up of Jimmy.

Today’s Tuesday Treat is International Cover Model, Jimmy Thomas, a very successful (and H-O-T) model featured on the cover of over 1,700 romance novels. With a ripped body, luscious brown hair, and a rugged look in his eyes, Jimmy has become the midnight fantasy of many writers and readers alike.

Rounding out the image of the handsome alpha-male, Jimmy is also a successful businessman, recently launching the website RomanceNovelCovers, the only stock photo web site that focuses specifically on romance novel covers. There, you can find over 3,000 photos of our Tuesday Treat.

The coolest thing about Jimmy, IMHO, is that he is very accessible to his fans. He’ll respond to Facebook posts–commenting and flirting, bringing those writers back for more.

I’m definitely looking forward to the day when I get to use him on one of my covers!

Even sleeping he's just too delicious for words.

And lastly. . . . .

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