Six Sentence Sunday #13

Following from last week, I’ve skipped ahead to the next day to get Rodger’s take on running into Rachel at the restaurant. I hope you enjoy! Thank you so much for the comments and feedback.

His souvenir from the night before, a hangover that pierced his eyes and thundered in his head, finally retreated by the end of lunch. Serves me right for drinking instead of getting laid. He’d had it all planned out: a sexy woman, a night out on the town in San Jose, a bit of dancing.

For several hours and for several drinks, Rodger had given it the good ol’ college try–he’d tried to focus on the blond beauty at his side–but her features kept morphing into Rachel’s, and her high-pitched voice had begun to grate.

And then there she was, standing in the last place he’d expected to see her, the one woman he was trying to forget. After barely touching Rachel’s curves, after tasting those lips (it’d been impossible for him to resist going in for that kiss), he’d no desire, no libido, to follow through with his blonde date—she was nothing compared to the only woman he wanted.

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15 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #13

    • 😦 Good point, thought that’s what I love about writing fiction, I can manipulate the ‘props’ and don’t need to feel guilty about their feelings. It’s in Rodger’s character to not really care, too. . .that’s partly why Rachel is ‘unattainable’ at this point.

  1. Yum! I loved this. That sounds like quite a hangover , exactly what he deserves. What was Rachel doing – kissing him – hadn’t seen him poured over the blond at the bar?

    • Exactly my thoughts, Elaine! Rodger’s profile is a bit complicated–there are usually beautiful women vying for his attention–but in this case, Rodger executed a surprise swoop and suckle. 🙂

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