Tuesday Treat: Tahmoh Penikett

A friend suggested a very yummy Tuesday Treat–Tahmoh Penikett. It must have been fate because the man has green eyes, as does Rodger, the hero in my WIP. I’d just spent an evening gazing into Rodger’s green peepers as he (very successfully) seduced Rachel.

Look into my eyes. . . . .

I’m definitely living out a fantasy here with Tahmoh as I’ve never dated a man with green eyes. . .maybe one day I will. Sigh.

Tahmoh (pronounced Tah Moe) is a 36 year-old, 6′ 3″ Canadian of British and aboriginal Canadian descent (the White River First Nation in the Yukon). He played Helo, a popular character on Battlestar Galactica. He also starred in Dollhouse for two seasons (2009-2010).

From the pieces I’ve read, he sounds like a well-grounded, health-conscious hotty. According to a fan blog, he’s a gold medalist in muay thai, a kind of combat sport from Thailand that is sometimes referred to as the “Art of Eight Limbs”. So, not only is he gorgeous to look at, he could protect you, too. 🙂 Recently he starred in the movie Jabberwock on the SyFy Channel, and on November 29th, Innocent will be aired on the TNT Network (no idea what’s that about, but I’ll be setting my DVR just because of those green eyes).

Links for your satisfying your curiosity: Fan Blog, Facebook, IMDB

For your viewing pleasure. . . . .

Lean and yummy

Apparently I really like his chest. 🙂

Night, y'all.

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