Fantasy Becomes Reality with Firefighters at Safeway

Confession time. . . Ever had a fantasy involving a hot firefighter? You know the kind I’m talking about–the strong, sexy, barely-tamable type? I’ve had a little fantasy going on in my head staring a hunky firefighter that frequents the Peets coffee next to my work.

And today, my fantasy merged with my real world.

I ran into these three delectables at the store.

I swear!

I had just finished reading Dating 911 by Kathleen Grieve. It’s a hot romance involving a sexy, guilt-plagued, redeemable firefighter (who is a fabulous lover, of course) and a drop-dead gorgeous, plays-hard-to-get nurse. Story is believable, the sex is fabulous, and it’s definitely worth the read!

And yes, I’d bought the book last week because of said Fireman at Peets. I figured that if I couldn’t have the real deal, I could at least read about it.

So, today I finish the book in the last ten minutes of work, drive home (different neighborhood), walk into Safeway. . . .and guess who I run into?


There’s my firefighter with two of his buds. He stops me, talks to me. His buds smile and talk to me too. And I just about melt into the floor as I’m standing there, the focus of these three gorgeous men, all of whom have beautiful, deep dark blue eyes. Turns out they’re renting a house about two blocks away from mine.

OK, so they had their shirts on and they weren’t covered in soot. Didn’t matter one whit because I was in heaven! Amazingly I didn’t blush (too much), I didn’t stutter, I didn’t grin like a village idiot, and I was the one to break off the conversation.

On the other hand, nothing I said came remotely close to flirting.

I love it when I manifest coincidences in my life, when fantasy becomes reality. Even if the reality quickly spins back to fantasy, at least it sets my heart a-pumpin’ and gives me a story to tell!

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