Tuesday Treat: Matt Wright the Outback Wrangler

Now, it’s not unusual that my heart does a pitter-patter for a hunky hotty. Actors, singers, they know how to appeal to their audience. You’ve seen a sampling of some of the men I find attractive.

And then I fell in love. Drum roll, please, as I introduce my latest crush, Matt Wright, Outback Wrangler.

He is the star of a show on The National Geographic Channel that began at the beginning of October, Outback Wrangler. According to Zap 2 It, “This series follows the adventures of helicopter pilot and animal relocation expert Matt Wright, who was raised in the Australian Outback and has developed a unique set of skills to solve problems with animals that are too big, numerous, dangerous or close to people. Matt’s mission is to confront these animals head-on and relocate them. Whether wrangling deadly snakes, wrestling wild bulls or danging hundreds of feet below a moving helicopter to land inside a crocodile nest (while the mother croc is right there), Matt is at the center of the action in a show that is reminiscent of Steve Irwin and The Crocodile Hunter.”

I watched it for the first time this week and I swear to you that my heart just about stopped and I began a hard-core fantasy (no, not THAT type of fantasy-get your mind out of the gutter) about how I could ever meet this man.

So what is it about him? Check out those eyes at about 40ish seconds.

And he knows how to handle a helicopter.

A little of what he does:

He rides horses. . . .

wrestles feral bulls. . . .

captures and relocates humongous crocodiles. . . .


and did I mention that he looks sexy as hell on a horse?

The way I see it, he’s my Australia cowboy.

There’s not a lot of info out there on the internet about him (compared to other celebs, that is). What I could find is that he’s 32, lives in Canada part-time, and is single. Grin. If you happen to know where I could find more info on him, please share!

Share your thoughts. . .

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