Tuesday Treat: Galen Gering of Days of Our Lives and Dirty Soap

Feast your eyes. . . .

Ladies and gentlemen, feast your imagination on Galen Gering, an actor currently on Days of Our Lives. He’s also been on Dirty Soap (a reality TV show, apparently), and on Venice (according to IMDB).

But first some poetry to set the mood. . . . .

Last night I had a dream
A delicious dream
A man desired me
Wrapped his arms around me
Aroused my passion
With a touch
With unspoken longing
With generosity of spirit and unfettered love

Well, my Dream Man wasn’t exactly Galen Gering, but he did look a lot like him. 🙂 It’s that alpha-male look, dark hair and skin that does it for me every time. And if I’m not mistaken, he has hazel (ish) colored eyes. Yum!

More about our Tuesday Treat: Galen started out as a model and eventually moved to Soap Operas. Anyone remember Passions? He was a main character in the show from beginning to end. More recently he got a gig on Days of Our Lives. I believe it was supposed to be a temporary role, but with those luscious looks the fans clambered for more and he is now in a reoccurring role. I watched the show the other day and it looked like Sami (Alison Sweeney) is his amour du jour.

Not only is Galen gorgeous, but I hear that he is very intelligent, very considerate towards his fans, and an all around great guy.

So, I’ll continue to dream. . . . .

Galen’s fan page is here >
His Facebook page is here >
His Twitter is here >

Can I play?

Love those eyes.

Always leave them wanting more.

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