Six Sentence Sunday #18

Hi, Sunday Sixers! It’s my favorite day of the week and that’s saying A LOT since I’m back to work tomorrow after a week-long vacation.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit and for leaving a comment (if so moved). I’m off to enjoy the other 160-ish Six Sunday participants. . . . .

This week’s snippet is from Swashbuckler, my WIP (it’s almost done!). Rodger and Rachel are on their way back to his hotel after dinner (and their first unofficial date).

In a move that took Rodger by surprise, she grabbed his arm, put it around her, and then snuggled up next to him.

“I’m cold,” she explained, mumbling into his chest.

So close to her, he could smell her soft scent of lavender. His eyes wandered down to her bare legs, the skirt having ridden up to mid-thigh. Rodger’s hand itched to reach down and feel if she was as creamy smooth as she looked.

He swallowed as he resisted the impulse.

Here’s the link for prior week’s snippets from Swashbuckler, my WIP.
PLEASE go visit the other talented writers participating in Six Sentence Sunday!

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