Tuesday Treat: Chris Hemsworth of Thor, The Avengers

Last night I rented Thor, released in theaters in April/May 2011. It’s a movie loosely based on the Norse Pantheon, more heavily based on the Marvel Comics super hero stories. Great action, a fun plot, decent acting, and much to my delight, a very hunky, yummy alpha hero. In the general sense, I’m talking about Thor, of course. But specifically, it’s Chris Hemsworth who has swept away my heart and fired up my, um, interest.

Chris, a 28 year-old Aussie, is the middle brother of three (Liam the younger, aka Miley Cyrus’ dude, and Luke the older). He grew up in Australia, living a few years on a cattle station while his parents worked alongside his aunt and uncle. Here’s the video clip where he talks about what it was like:

At 6′ 3″, with a deep, resonant voice, he’s been on TV since 2002 in Australia. Chris had has first silver screen debut in 2009 as George Kirk in the blockbuster Star Trek. With his unexpected casting in Thor, he was heralded as the next ‘It’ actor in Hollywood. He will be starring in five movies due to be released in 2012, most notably The Avengers (his Thor role is reprised), and Snow White and The Huntsman, co-starring Kristin Stewart of Twilight fame.

And now for your viewing pleasure. . . . .

The Huntsman

Such beautiful eyes

I can only dream

He can play me anytime. . . .

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