Worth It?

Which books and movies are worth your time? Ever wish you hadn’t wasted those two hours and $20 going to the movies? Regret your decision to slog though that book because everyone else said it was just sooooo wonderful? Each week I’ll share my Reads and Watches with you, picking my favorites for the week. My favorites are at the bottom of the post.

Having a ‘staycation’ for two weeks has been enjoyable and productive. I’ve read a few books, watched a few movies (enjoyable); I’ve hung pictures, made cookies, organized bills (enjoyably productive); I’ve spent time with family and friends, being joyous and laughing until I almost peed in my pants.

Fortunately, my two weeks from teaching are not yet up-still have six days left to go in which to finish my To-Do List. Amazingly, the more I get done, the more gets added to the list. I should re-name it the Never-Ending-To-Do List. But I digress.

Books I’ve read this week. . .click on any of the pictures to read synopsis and reviews by others.

Great read!

Very hot! Me want more!

Sweet, funny, with a dash of suspense.

Movies I’ve watched this week. . .click on picture to be taken to Rotten Tomatoes for more info and their ratings.

Indubitably (or however it’s spelled)

Lookin’ good, Mr. Cruise!

Hats off to Rosemary Clooney

Uh, okay, if that’s what you think

Can’t help the tears

That tongue. . .that lamp

My favorite Worth It Read was Masters at Arms, by Kallypso Masters. Well-written and I enjoyed it tremendously!

My favorite Worth It Watch was It’s a Wonderful Life. I cry every single year I watch that movie. Just can’t help those tears from flowing.

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