Six Sentence Sunday #21

Happy New Year! What better way to spend it than with Sixers?! I really appreciate reading everyone’s comments each week. And, of course, I love reading other writers’ contributions to Six Sentence Sunday. There are A LOT of very talented authors out in the cloud. Please go visit the other participants and leave a comment to let them know you appreciate their words!

Six Sunday Participants

This week’s snippet is from Swashbuckler (big surprise there, eh?), my eternal WIP. It’s a continuation from last week’s snippet and Rodger and Rachel are about to make love for the 1st time. But Rodger wants to slow down slightly; Rachel is just a tad bit anxious to speed things along.

“Keep that up and you just may get your wish,” Rodger said, his voice sounding desperate even to his own ears. He saw Rachel smile at his words, a dreamy look entering her eyes. She undid the top button of his jeans, then another.

“I’m serious, Rachel — no touching — not yet.” He stopped her hand, pushing it up against his bulging cock, at odds with his words. Rachel raised a questioning eyebrow, a smile quirking the side of her mouth.

Here’s the link for prior week’s snippets from Swashbuckler, my WIP.
PLEASE go visit the other talented writers participating in Six Sentence Sunday!


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