Tuesday Treat: Men of the Stacks Calendar

Men, from adorable to sexy. Men who love to read. What’s there NOT to drool over?

Mr. January

And all proceeds are donated to the It Gets Better Project!

I was cruising along on my blog hop on Sunday and I discovered a lovely calendar for 2012 called Men of the Stacks.

What’s unique about this calendar? Why did it, rather than a lucky-ducky different calendar, get my $15.99? And please note — I NEVER buy a calendar at full price, instead waiting until February or March for the $5 price.

Well, it’s a calendar featuring twelve male librarians from across the United States. The idea behind the project is to change the stereo-typical impression of a librarian (you know–female, glasses, shhh!) to more honestly reflect the profession. According to their own words:

“We are educators, programmers, project managers, entrepreneurs, program coordinators, contractors, consultants, and speakers.  We are academics.  We are authors, diversity officers, historians, administrators, deans, professors, and researchers.  We are creatives.  We are musicians, bakers, painters, and storytellers.  We are athletes, yogis, gym-rats, runners, and hikers.  We are passionate.  We are dog-lovers, radicals, conservatives, Christians, and Buddhists.  We are in our twenties.  We are in our forties.  We are in relationships.  We are perpetual bachelors.  We are privileged beings who try to use their advantages to better the lives of others.

Who are we?  We are The Men of the Stacks.”

Click on the links below. . . .

More Info on Men of the Stacks
To Buy Calendar
Facebook Men of the Stacks Community Page
It Gets Better Project

(Quote above is from website: http://menofthestacks.com/the-calendar)

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