Rodger Makes a Confession Six Sentence Sunday

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This snippet comes from my WIP, Swashbuckler.

“Of course, I have fallen for you, and that’s the problem.” Rodger’s voice had dropped, the smile now completely gone. He still held her gaze, serious and searching. Rachel looked away, afraid he would see the hope that was impossible for her to hide. He absently took a strand of her hair. His fingers grazed the side of her cheek and he leaned closer.

Here’s the link for prior week’s snippets from Swashbuckler, my WIP.
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15 thoughts on “Rodger Makes a Confession Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Oh, my. Rodger is falling for her, but so is Adam, right? But she’s been pining for Rodger. Dang, two hot men after Rachel. Poor baby. Who will she choose? (Clearly, something hot is about to happen with Rodger–hope you share!)

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