Women and cars are very much alike

I just about peed my pants when I read this man’s personal ad on Craigslist today. He sounded like a decent fellow until I read the fine print. I’ve highlighted the best parts below. . .

“I’ve been single 5 years now, longest ever…FiftyThree.Is 50s now taboo? Seems so on the dating sites, 49 yr old women asking for under 50. When I was 45 I was dating 30 year olds -they found me…. Being I’m self employed I dont get out much these days, so hard to meet someone…” AKA unemployed.

“Date for for who I am, not who you think I am.” Just exactly who does HE think he is?

“you? SWM or SAF, fit, funny, adventureous, and not overweight!” Again, just who does HE think he is? And it gets better.

“Women and cars are very much alike, in fact many are designed after or with a womens body in mind! Really… go look at the gorgeous 275GTB/4 Ferrari, nothing like it. Yet go look at a 60s Linclon and you’ll see how nasty it looks! I prefer Ferraris and Jaguars over Fords and Chevys… if ya get my meaning. LOL” Vroom vroom. Not.

Um. I’m not sure where to even go with this one.

I think I should drop him a line, let him know he gets my tired engine revving. Should I send him a picture of my newly buffed Prius? It’s a hybrid ya know, wink, wink, and hybrids do it two ways. My Toyota might not be white, but she’s a SAF.

Hmmm. I wonder what vehicle he is?

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