Best Made Plans. . .Six Sentence Sunday

Thanks for stopping by! It’s been a crazy week and I’m so looking forward to Sunday’s perusal of Six Sentences. Please make sure to click the link and visit other authors. After you’ve read my snippet. Of course.

This week picks up close to where we stopped last Sunday. What you need to know for this to make sense: we’re in Rodger’s POV. He’s an A-list actor who is currently going through a divorce, though the divorce has not been made public.

He owed that to himself.

He owed that to Rachel.

Despite his public reputation as a lady’s man, he’d always been faithful to the woman he was with. His indiscretion with Rachel aside, he had no plans to change his character now. He would wait until his divorce was final and then call her.

Then the tabloid hit the stands.



(Rodger is not Jon, but the headline is perfect!)

27 thoughts on “Best Made Plans. . .Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Uh-oh! I can only imagine how insanely annoying it would be to look at the tabloids and see your own face.

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