Best Made Plans. . . Part 2 Six Sentence Sunday

Happy Sunday! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting two weeks ago on the snippet from Swashbuckler, my WIP. I appreciate all the feedback because it  helps me see the words/setup with a fresh set of eyes. Invaluable! Make sure to stop by and visit the other writers participating in Six Sentence Sunday.

This week is a continuation from last entry. Rodger, our hunky, almost-secretly-divorced actor, had an amazing oh-la-la evening with Rachel, a teacher. He’s just discovered that a tabloid has ‘reported’ on that evening. Oops.

He’d been indulging in a delicious New York hot dog, dripping in sauerkraut and hot mustard. He thought his mind had wandered to Rachel again, because there she was out of the corner of his eye. It was her, alright–her and him displayed on the cover of The National Inquiry, his arm gripping her body as they kissed on a street in San Francisco. Bollocks.

His lawyer called to castigate him, saying he’d most likely have to pay out more in alimony because he hadn’t kept his dick in his pants. His lawyer had a way with words.

20 thoughts on “Best Made Plans. . . Part 2 Six Sentence Sunday

  1. You have a way with words, my dear. I read about the hot dog before seeing the image and it made my tummy knot up (I am not big on hot dogs, nor all the toppings- stomach cannot handle that type of greasy food)

  2. I enjoyed the realism of this piece — it felt to true to life. A guy’s trying to enjoy his hot dog and the headline catches his eye. Excellent detail.

    What nationality is Rodger? Bollocks makes me wonder.

  3. I love this!! I love Rodger, I love NY hotdogs, I love tabloids, I love that Rodger’s nuts about Rachel. This story is getting very juicy (or is it just that my mouth’s watering for one of those hot dogs, LOL?)

  4. I’m feeling the love for this story as it’s (a) an awesome set-up and (b) reminiscent of my own WIP which centers on a headline-grabbing kiss between a famous hottie and not-so-famous regular gal. I love that line about seeing her out of the corner of his eye. Great moment!

    • Thanks, Kate. I just finished reading an indie book called Deadly Obsession–about an actor and regular gal and tabloids and a stalker. Of course, I was doing all the comparisons between her story and mine–mine was the one lacking! Sigh. You and I are not the only original ones. LOL.

      For Swashbuckler, the tabloid/papparazi scene is actually not a main theme throughout the story, although it does have something to do with Rodger’s past challenges with his ex wife. That said, these comments have made me rethink a current scene I’m working on. . . maybe the ‘media’ need to make another appearance. 🙂

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