Best Made Plans. . . Part 3 Six Sentence Sunday

This week went slowly so I’m appreciating the relaxation of Six Sentence Sunday even more. At least I’m one more week closer to summer vacation and writing/reading bliss. 🙂

Make sure to stop by and visit the other writers participating in Six Sentence Sunday.

Continuing a little further from where we left off last week, Rodger is remembering the moments before he called Rachel.

Feeling lousy, Rodger had sat in the bar of the hotel, clutching a sweaty beer bottle while trying to rouse up the courage to call Rachel. He went up to his room with a bottle of Scotch to keep him company a bit longer. He’d call after he had more liquid fortification. He had a sinking feeling she wouldn’t be happy. She’d probably be pissed, and have every right to be.

He hadn’t expected her to be indifferent.

14 thoughts on “Best Made Plans. . . Part 3 Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Poor Rodger! Poor Rachel! What a bind. I love the external conflict you’ve chosen. Fun and interesting (as I love to read the tabloids myself =D). Can’t wait to see where you lead us next.

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