Perusing the Personal Ads on Craigslist today, I came across this gem. Reads like the back of an erotica. For the right woman. . . Although not for me because I don’t meet his height/weight proportions. Sigh. Then there’s the matter of not knowing if I’m a sub or dom (or neither or both) at heart. What are your thoughts?

Tall, good-looking sane & normal Dom seeks sub for ravishing LTR (fairfield / vacaville)

Date: 2012-04-29, 4:12PM PDT
Reply to:
Well, you clicked on my headline, which means you’re at least curious, and that’s a good start. I really am what I say: tall (that’s objective), good-looking (or so I’m told), sane (that’s easy enough), and normal (or at least normal-seeming). Add employed, creative, artsy, and athletic and you’ve got me in a nutshell. But it’s you, in a nutshell (well, not literally), that I’m looking for.

But first let me say what I’m looking for.I’m looking for a live in 24/7 thing Someone to help run my home.
I’m much more interested in sensual dominance than pain, though I’m not averse to giving you a sound spanking if you should displease me.

Rather, I envision a relationship between equal partners in the “real world” and, well, in reality. In public I’ll treat you like a lady, and in private I’ll treat you like my slut and toy.

Notice that possessive–my. You’ll belong to me, and you’ll know it, and you’ll like the way that feels–knowing that I can, and will, have you at my whim. That I might at anytime grab a handful of your hair and force you to your knees, or order you to strip solely because I like to look at you.

Everyday won’t be like this, of course, but when we’re alone I will reserve the right to use you as I see fit. An evening in with a DVD becomes so much more interesting when you’re nude beside me, your hands bound behind your back, my fingers so gently stroking between your legs. Brunch with your friends becomes that much more fun when I come in your mouth just before we leave the house and order you not to swallow until we reach the restaurant.

Arms tied above your head, legs spread wide and lashed down to the posts of my bed while I toy with you, nuzzle your neck, lick your cunt until you almost come–these things will be your new reality.

Not your only reality, of course; for, though I might relish living in a gothic castle where I could keep you in chains, the fact is, I live in a beautiful house . and there are times where the thing I most want in the world from my sub is simple everyday companionship.

If you’re an “ordinary” girl with extraordinary desires, a coquette and a cumslut, both the girl and the whore next door, I do hope you’ll be in touch. I’m flexible on age/race, but I do ask that you be height/weight proportionate (and that you tell me what that is). I would love to see a picture, too, though if want to write first, just to test that I’m real, I understand.

So tell me about yourself–what you look like, what you like to do, what you fantasize about. I’m interested, really I am.

Please put “on my knees” in your subject line. That way I’ll know you’re not someone trying to harvest my email address.

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