Best Made Plans. . . Part 5 Six Sentence Sunday

So sorry I’ve been gone the past few weeks. My Sundays haven’t been the same without my weekly addiction. Some people have church to help find peace and solace. I have the creative six sentences of almost 200 writers! Please make sure to visit other authors’ pages. You can find links at:  Six Sentence Sunday.

Set-up for this week’s snippet: Continuing with a phone call to Rachel from Rodger who’s called to try to do some damage control.

“And?” Rachel seethed, trying to decide if she should hang up the phone, throw it across the room, or just scream obscenities at the jerk.

“And I owe you an apology,” he said.

“You bet you do! Work was awful today–the students kept asking questions.”

“Tell them the truth,” Rodger suggested.

18 thoughts on “Best Made Plans. . . Part 5 Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Tell them the truth? Too funny. I’m glad you’re back and I totally understand. I’ve been ill, but I miss when I’m not here even though I don’t get many visitors. 😦

  2. Sounds like he’s really in a spot and she’s not bending. I like that he called to apologize but I have a feeling he has his work cut out for him!

  3. I understand she is upset, but I feel badly for the guy. He can’t control the tabloids. Still, I don’t think his suggestion of telling the truth to her students will be very well received. I can’t wait to see her reaction. 🙂

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