What is there to fear?

Thank you for stopping by! I’m super-duper-thrilled that the school year has ended and I now have time to write and write and write. And read all of the gripping, sexy, lyrical sentences by Six Sentence authors. 🙂

The following is from Swashbuckler, my forever-work-in-progress. In this scene we learn a little more of Rachel’s back story. The set-up is that she’s just been shown to her cabin after a day of river rafting in Costa Rica (which also included a terrifying tumble into the rapids). Alfredo is the river guide responsible for her safety.

“Now you have nothing to fear,” Alfredo said, the back of his hand moving softly, protectively down her cheek. “You have already swam in the rapids–what else is there to be afraid of?” With those words he ducked out of the cabin, leaving Rachel alone.

Nothing to fear. “I wish,” she said aloud as she peeled off her clothes for that promised shower.

She could think of plenty of things to be afraid of.

Any ideas on what keeps Rachel up at night?

11 thoughts on “What is there to fear?

    • I have about 52,000 words written. When all’s said and done, it’ll probably be about 60 to 65,000. Huh. I should be able to get that done, shouldn’t I? I know the pieces of the story. It’s just that I’m paralyzed when I sit down to write. Has this ever happened to you? What did you do to power through it?

  1. I like your Costa Rica setting — not sure I’ve ever read a novel set there.
    I have a FOREVER work in progress too! Maybe you’ll finish yours this summer while you have extra time. And maybe I’ll finish editing mine too.

  2. You’ve got my interest! Not only am I intrigued by what she fears but also by ‘the back of his hand moving softly, protectively down her cheek.’ Yummy indeed. More please!

  3. 🙂 Thanks! The Costa Rica trip is in the present, but after the tabloid event (which is near the beginning of the book). Rodger is there with her, kind of accidentally, and Alfredo provides the much-needed impetus for R & R to, um, come back together.

  4. I’m mildly confused (but extremely interested, as I love this story!): Is the Costa Rica trip in the past or present? If in the present: where’s Rodger? What’s going on with the whole tabloid thing? Did she run off to Costa Rica because of the tabloids? OR, is this a scene from her past in which you reveal the fear you hint at? Hmm. In any case, just love this story, and can’t wait to read more!!!

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