Music Makes Us Feel

Is it the memories or the music that allow us to feel?

We’ve all felt it. A song comes on the radio and it immediately transports us to another day, another place we once were.

Music is a direct line to emotions. When I hear a piece I love, do I love it because of the memories associated with the music? Or is it the music that makes the memories sweeter?

My sister had a destination wedding in Mexico. It was perfect–perfectly beautiful, romantic, relaxing. We stayed in villas on a private beach, the sound of waves and wind singing us to sleep each night. On one of these magical evenings, my sort-of-brother-in-law (the brother of my brother’s wife) played one of his songs for us. He’d written it last year while going through a devastatingly painful break-up. It’s a song of slogging through that pain and coming out on the other end.

I love this song. Once I hear it, I can’t get it out of my head for days. Did it take root because of the exotic locale when I first heard it? Or because of the resonate lyrics?

And does it really matter? 🙂 enjoy!

Share your thoughts. . .

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