Blue Eyed Stallion

I saw a Clydesdale horse today with blue eyes! I had no idea there were horses with blue eyes (of course, I don’t know much about horses). Doing some research, I couldn’t figure out if it was due to homozygous genes, something called Sabino coloration (lack of pigment, but not quite the same as albino), or if the blue is an actual color. Does anyone out there know the answer?

Here’s a picture of my new BES (Blue Eyed Stallion).

An interesting bit of trivia I learned today while doing research – apparently the Clydesdale horse used to be smaller than other breeds until the 1920s and 1930s when they started to be bred as show horses for the military. Now they are huge, the average Clydes being about 18 to 19 hands. an American quarter horse in comparison is about 15 to 16 hands high.

Size = power, apparently.

Where did I see this bute? At the Scottish Highland Gathering and Games in Pleasanton, California, and event I look forward to going to every Labor Day weekend. Bagpipe music, rock bands, men in kilts throwing around logs and weights. Accents. The Games in Pleasanton, California are sponsored by The Caledonian Club of San Francisco, a group that has been putting this on for 147 years.

Of course, there are lots of things to buy. Check out my new toy. . .

Hmmm. Just what should I do with this? I walked around with it today in my hand and I noticed that it made me feel much more powerful. I liked it. A lot.

This year has ended up being an extra special event for me as I’m in the process of promoting a book written by Scottish author, Marsali Taylor. Her book is called Death on a Longship (a type of Viking ship). Oh, yes! I forgot that there were Vikings in Scotland. So, I took a picture of a Viking banner for her today.

And then of course I had the take the picture of the man with the sword. It was an impressive sword.

As my mom and I walked around, I wondered what Marsali (or any other ‘authentic’ Scot) would think of this event. Authentic? Comical? Slice of home? I tried to imagine a similar American gathering overseas – what would be there? Cowboys and Indians? Buffalo races? A McDonald’s stand? However, this festival also takes place in Scotland, apparently, so it’s not just a celebration of Scottish heritage overseas, but a celebration of Scottish heritage, period.

Tomorrow I’ll be back, scouting out some more Scottish men (maybe even a single one), listening to music, and maybe even drinking a Bass Ale or two. Or three.

Share your thoughts. . .

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