Siren’s Sonata #2 – Six Sentence Sunday

It’s Sunday, Sunday, time for SS Sunday!

A famous rock star has come to the rescue of a woman whose old, junky car has broken down. He’s driving the sexiest red convertible you’ve ever seen, a car that plays an important role in this erotic horror short story. 

He opened her door and reached in for her hand – she willingly took it, feeling a thrill as her skin touched his. Softer than she thought it would be, cooler than her own. He gently pulled her from the seat, guiding her body out into the open and closing the door. He stepped toward her, towering over her body. He was tall, taller than she’d have thought. His hand reached up and moved a hair from her forehead, tucking it into place behind her ear.

To be continued next week. 🙂

Please visit the other amazing participants of Six Sentence Sunday! Some of my favorites: K.E. Saxon, Cara Bristol, Denny Bryce, Ranae Rose, and Alix Cameron. Who are your favorites?

13 thoughts on “Siren’s Sonata #2 – Six Sentence Sunday

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  3. I am so glad I scanned down the list today–I’d kept coming over here for weeks and weeks and you weren’t posting, so I finally blew it off, thinking you just weren’t going to do them anymore! I went back and read last week’s entry to. This is a HOT story! There are a few rock stars who’ve starred in my sex fantasies over the years, too. =D

    I’m dying to know what the heck type of horror is going to go on in this story. Are we talking Freddy Kruger (did I spell that right?) or Jason? Anyway, should be interesting, and good, knowing you!

    Great six!!!!

    Oh, and thanks for the SSS referral, you’re awesome!

    • K.E., ^huge grin^!!! I took some time off from writing, but am getting back into it now. Still trying to figure out how to balance writing, promoting other authors, editing, teaching full-time, and – oh yeah – being mom to a teenager.

      The horror element is neither Freddy nor Jason. Think paranormal. . .

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