Siren’s Opus #3 – Six Sentence Sunday

Thank you for stopping by for Six Sentence Sunday. I’m sharing a snippet from my erotic horror short story. By the way, I changed the name from Siren’s Sonata to Siren’s Opus to give it a bit of a darker feel. Any thoughts on the change?

Make sure to stop by next week to find out how you can get your hands on the whole story (all 5,400 words of it)!

This picks up close from where we were last week. . .  A famous rock star has come to the rescue of a woman whose old, junky car has broken down. He’s driving the sexiest red convertible you’ve ever seen, a car that plays an important role in this erotic horror short story. Ben (the rock star) is speaking. . .

“I’ll let you drive.” He held up a key, tantalizingly simple; just one key. She looked over at his car, the black leather seats an accent to the hot red. It was low to the ground, like other sports cars she’d seen on the road.

“You’d really let me drive?”

“Not only that, if you can handle her, I’ll give her to you.”

Please visit the other amazing participants of Six Sentence Sunday! Some of my favorites: K.E. Saxon, Cara Bristol, Ranae Rose, and Sandra Bunino. Who are your favorites?

10 thoughts on “Siren’s Opus #3 – Six Sentence Sunday

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  2. Ha! Rock stars may be eccentric, but this dude’s giving his car to a total stranger!? But it’s a horror story, right? So she should probably be wary of his offer. 😉 I like both titles, but I agree that “Opus” gives it a darker feel.

  3. Yeah, and while your at it, why don’tcha give me your Beverly Hills Mansion, too, LOL! Why can’t *I* meet people like that? He sounds like he *really* wants her company. I like! I like! Great six, Karysa, as always. You left me hanging with the other story–what was it called?–something about the sea or a captain or…see what happens when you don’t show up for so long?? But I really liked that story and was interested in seeing where you were going with it.

    Anyway, as far the title of this one, I like the alliteration of the first one, and I think the cover, as long as it depicts the mood of the piece, will allow the title to then seem darker as well. Just my two cents, since you asked.

    • The other story was/is Swashbuckler. I’m still not done (as I stopped working on it). One of these days. . . It’s actually almost there. . . but then what do I do when it’s done?????

      Thanks for your input on the name – what you say makes a lot of sense so I guess I need to start working on that cover! Do you have a cover artist you could recommend? 🙂

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