Siren’s Opus #6 – Six Sentence Sunday

Happy Sunday! Thank you so much for stopping by. Today I’m sharing six sentences from Siren’s Opus, my recently published erotic horror short story. Ben Higgins, the lead singer of the rock group Kraken, has challenged our damsel-in-distress to drive a sports car in order to win it as a prize. But before they can pull away from the curb, seat belts have to be put on, side mirrors and seats have to be adjusted, and Ben needs to show-off the car just a bit. . .

“That’s nothing — she has backup sensors, seat warmers and coolers, an awesome sound system. Siren, play me.”

“Playing this special song for you,” a woman’s voice responded, a sexy, sensual sound. Ben’s music poured through the speakers – it was his first hit that had taken Kraken onto the billboard charts.

Oh, yeah, she’s a sexy bitch, she’ll do the trick. . .

His rich voice smoothed over her skin, relaxing her deeper into the black leather.

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On a side note, I’d love to give this story to anyone and everyone who might feel inspired to write a review (I only have one review up on Amazon). OR, if you don’t like to write reviews (because who in the heck has time?), and you still want a free copy, please join my mailing list here >

18 thoughts on “Siren’s Opus #6 – Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Love the name of the band and the details of the car. The song lyrics are awesome, too. Great and evocative six, Karysa!

    • Behind on reading? I don’t know what you’re talking about. I only have 5, make that 20, make that. . . oh yeah. 🙂 Please don’t make it be a chore! I want you to read it and enjoy it.

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