Siren’s Opus #7 – Six Sentence Sunday

Thank you for visiting on this beautiful Sunday (I’m in California, what can I say?). I’m posting more of my erotic horror short story, titled Siren’s Opus. A woman is being dared to drive faster, more recklessly than she ever has before. Her reward? Oh, just a sexy little convertible car. And maybe something else. 😉 We begin just as they’re approaching a stop sign. . .

“If you stop, you don’t get the car.” She glanced at him, wondering if he was serious. His glare, his scowl was believable. She opted for a slow stop, pausing, but not quite stopping.

His hand pulled her skirt up, tickling her skin. “Now that’s better, isn’t it?”

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7 thoughts on “Siren’s Opus #7 – Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Siren’s Opus by Karysa Faire
    My rating: 4 of 5 stars
    I was drawn in immediately by the character of Amy who, like many of us, is down on her luck and reduced to doing sexual favors with her supervisor to keep her job which barely is enough to pay rent. She is reckless in her ability to be on time to her boring job and suddenly when she catches the eye of super hot singer Ben from Kraven all of her responsibility goes out the window! He is gorgeous and the fact that she has already had him in her mind when fantasizing alone in her bedroom adds to the split second decision of getting behind the wheel of his sexy, red, sports car. He tells her that she can have the car if she follows his instructions while he focuses on physically distracting her. I was really revved up to see how the rest of the story played out then I was shaking my head and going, “Huh?” I had to go back and read the last few pages to make sure I understood what had transpired. The shock and awe at the end was well written but the transition needed to be smoother. Overall great build up and good story. I hope to read more by Karysa as her attention to detail put me in the backseat of the car for the ride. Four stars!

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    Sharing my review with you! Hope that it brings some attention. 😀

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