Siren’s Opus #8 – Six Sentence Sunday

And it’s Sunday. . .

The following Six Sentence snippet is from Siren’s Opus, my erotic horror short story available at Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. The tension is being ratcheted  up as Amy is dared to take risks. Just how far will she go to win the car of her dreams? The person speaking in the snippet is Ben Higgins, the sexy rock star who happens to be the one giving away the car.

(And THANK YOU! to Adaline Raine who posted a review for me on last week’s post as well as on Amazon and Goodreads. Besos and hugs!)

Startled, she risked a quick glance down. Her legs were exposed, the creamy white of an upper thigh highlighted the dark tempting color of his fingers. She moved her legs — apart — and was rewarded with a chuckle.

I know you’re hot, so hot; I’ve got what you want, oh baby. . . Ben’s lyrics surrounded them.

“At the next light, go right — let’s see how fast you can go.”

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On a side note, I’d love to give this story to anyone and everyone who might feel inspired to write a review (I only have one review up on Amazon). OR, if you don’t like to write reviews (because who in the heck has time?), and you still want a free copy, please join my mailing list here >

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