Siren’s Opus #10 – Six Sentence Sunday

Is it already Sunday? The Sunday after Thanksgiving? Where the heck did November go????!!!! This week’s Six is from Siren’s Opus, my short story. We’re getting close to my favorite part. . . Ben has convinced Amy to drive to the outskirts of town and they’re now on a two-lane road, open stretches interrupted with the occasional stop light.

“Go through the light,” Ben said as she was getting ready to downshift.

“But I won’t make it – it’s already yellow.”

“You’ll make it.” He grabbed her knee and pushed down, flooring the gas. The car responded as if driven by him, leaping in speed, and with his other hand, he slammed the horn.

The yellow light turned red.

And for your viewing pleasure, here’s not one, but two pictures of ‘Ben’. Which one do you think suits his character so far?


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