Siren’s Opus #12 – Six Sentence Sunday

R8-Spyder-front-three-quarter-static-Brilliant-Red-2Hiya, Sixers. I just figured out that this beauty of a car had a product placement in Iron Man II. It was Stark’s sweet ride (Stark was played by Robert Downey Jr.). Can I pick ’em, or what?

This week’s Six Sentences snippet is from Siren’s Opus, an erotic horror short story. It’s a continuation from last Sunday. Amy has just driven through a red light and Ben is urging her to drive the car faster.

“You’re neglecting her, sweetness; she needs to go fast–she needs your attention.” Ben’s hand slid down between her legs, down to her panties, pinching the outside of her pussy through the fabric. “Do you think you can handle her?”

Her breath caught.

“Keep your eyes on the road,” Ben commanded. “And go faster.”

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