Siren’s Opus #13 – Six Sentence Sunday

Merry-Sunday-Before-Christmas. I know I’m not the only one saying this in the blogosphere, but I can’t believe it’s already the end of December. End of 2012. There were such high hopes for this year… sigh. I’m still single. Still haven’t finished my novel. Still am struggling to make ends meet. My apartment is still messy more often than it’s neat.

BUT, I’ve completely digressed from the point of this post. IT’S SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY! Below is a snippet from my short erotic horror, Siren’s Opus. It continues from last week. The ‘fingers’ mentioned belong to Ben Higgins, the rock star who is seated in the passenger side of the car. Hope you enjoy it.

Ben HigginsShe increased the speed of the car; her car. She could feel it in her blood as they drove. The speed of the pavement going by, her pulse going faster.

Deft fingers moved the panty’s fabric to the side and slipped into her body.

“That’s right, sweetness. You’re already so wet–I like that. . .”

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