Siren’s Opus #14 – Six Sentence Sunday

Happy New Year! It’s almost 1 a.m. as I’m preparing this and my eyes are closing. . . closing. . .I’m going to get straight to the point before I begin drooling onto my keyboard. . .

Below is a snippet from my short erotic horror, Siren’s Opus. I’ve skipped a few sentences from last week, but I’m sure you’ll get the idea. 😉

“Sweetness,” he growled into her ear, nipping at her lobe and sending shivers through her core. “Think you can go 100 miles per hour while you come–think you can do that for me? If yes, she’s yours.” His thumb tweaked her clit as a finger curved inside and ignited waves of pleasure.

She almost yelled out, her foot relaxing its pressure on the gas as her body went to the edge.

Ben’s hand immediately stopped its magic, “I told you to speed up, not slow down.”

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