Siren’s Opus #15 – Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome to 2013!

My contribution to Six Sentence Sunday is from my erotic horror short story, Siren’s Opus. Last week Ben had just reminded Amy she needed to speed up the car, not slow down–those talented fingers of his have a way of distracting her as she drives. 😉 I hope you enjoy.

Here’s a link to read a longer excerpt of Siren’s Opus.

And please make sure to go and visit the other writers of Six Sentence Sunday >


. . . She felt his teeth on her ear, sharp as he bit down until it hurt. She sucked in her breath and put pressure on the gas again. He pinched her clit, once, hard, then continued moving his slick fingers in a slow, circular motion.

Looking at the speedometer, her adrenaline spiked as she saw they were driving at seventy-five. She whimpered as Ben moved his hands, touching her as if there were two hands down there, not just one.

“Getting close, sweetness–you better speed up.”

Now I’m off to read the Sixes of other talented writers! See you next week.

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