Siren’s Opus #16 – Six Sentence Sunday

So now we’re finally getting into some action in my short story, Siren’s Opus. Is it just me, or does it seem to go so slowly with only six sentences/week??? Starting from where we left off last week. . .

The pressure in her pussy expanded, vibrated, touching her deep. Even her personal vibrator didn’t feel so good, touching the exact places she knew would get her off in thirty seconds flat. This was like being invaded with pleasure from the inside out.

Eighty-five, then ninety.

The world zipped by. The music played.

With half-lidded eyes, she saw the car coming up in front of them.

Want to read more? Here’s a link to read a longer excerpt of Siren’s Opus.

And please make sure to go and visit the other writers of Six Sentence Sunday >  They are an amazing group of talented writers!

sexy couple

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