Siren’s Opus #17 – Six Sentence Sunday

Semi truck

Happy Six Sentence Sunday! Sadly, next week is the last of these as hosted by the Six Sentence Sunday. Will there be an incarnation? I’ve signed up on someone’s site saying I’m interested, but I haven’t heard anything as a follow-up. If you’ve heard something, please let me know! I’ve read that others are thinking of continuing to post. . . I have the same intentions, but I know that without structure my intentions won’t manifest–at least on a regular basis. So, being a do-er rather than just a hope-er, I put together a little poll that’s at the bottom of this post. Please take just a moment to share your opinion. Thanks!

Now on to my snippet from Siren’s Opus, a short story (erotic horror) that was published in October, 2012. I’m going to cheat, just a little, and give you the last line of last week’s snippet so that the first line of this week makes sense. Fingers crossed that I won’t get banned for today. 🙂 Pretty please?

With half-lidded eyes, she saw the car coming up in front of them. . .

. . . A dark brown car, square, dusted with age and dirt. Even from this far away, she could see its back end had been smacked around a few times.

“Go around,” Ben said. And she obeyed even before she knew she would.

“Fuck!” she screamed as the semi bore down on them out of nowhere. She avoided a head-on, whipping them back into their lane as the truck roared past.

Want to read more? Here’s a link to read a longer excerpt of Siren’s Opus.

And please make sure to go and visit the other writers of Six Sentence Sunday >  They are an amazing group of talented writers!

4 thoughts on “Siren’s Opus #17 – Six Sentence Sunday

  1. I’m full of adrenalin now from that close call in the snippet! Great six! I voted for Six Sentence Sunday to continue with someone else at the helm, not meaning to disrespect the wishes of the person who created the original! But if someone else organizes a similar set up, going forward….I like the idea of 7 sentences! Last time I checked, Skye Warren had 60 or so people who had expressed interest, so we’ll see.

  2. I always post my six and then come over to yours because I just cannot wait until during the week when I read everyone’s.
    Glad they didn’t crash into anyone and the story can continue 🙂 Was she screaming “fuck” because of the truck or because of Ben 😉

    I had to chose only one with your poll, so I chose to help. I haven’t heard anything from Skye Warren so I don’t know. I’m still going to post every sunday anyway, although I’m cool with 7 sentence Saturday. If nothing else pops up, I will probably start something myself. Let’s keep in touch about it, My email is

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