Snippet Sunday #1 Swashbuckler

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday (the new, unofficial SSS AND the Facebook version), to Weekend Writing Warriors and to a few other linky links I signed up for! It’s a pleasure to be joining everyone this week, the first Sunday after the mothership decided we were old enough to be on our own and abandoned us to our own devices. Think we’ll make it? 🙂

Green eyes

For this week’s snippet, I’ve decided to go back to Swashbuckler. It’s my very first WIP and the one I haven’t been able to finish. I’m hoping that by moving this story front and center I’ll finally be able to finish her. Wish me luck, please.

We’re in Rachel’s POV, the first time she and Rodger come face to face. He’s a famous actor hired to play the lead role in a movie based on a book she’s written. Rodger, used to receiving star treatment, is a bit snappy that he’s not immediately been taken care of by the host at a restaurant–the host had been busy with Rachel. Here are my seven sentences. . .

Despite her rising anger, Rachel felt her cheeks flush as his dark green eyes didn’t waver in their scrutiny. He scowled, as if expecting her to back down. However, she’d worked with enough testosterone ridden, immature high school boys to know she could stand her ground, so stand was what she did. She squared her shoulders and stood a bit straighter to enhance her petite five-foot, three-inch frame.

Rodger was the one interrupting, she wouldn’t be the one to back down. Rachel licked her lips, waiting for him to look away, to apologize, to do anything to give way.

It would be much easier to play chicken with him if the vision of them making passionate love didn’t keep snaking through her head.

Thank you for taking the time to read my contribution. Comments are welcome and appreciated! #sixsunday #WeWriWar #amwriting #100wordsaday. Here’s more info on Swashbuckler >

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