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A warm welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors and to Snippet Sunday folks! This week’s snippet is from Swashbuckler, my contemporary romance. We’re a little further than we were last week. It’s in Rodger’s POV and he’s reflecting on his earlier meeting with Rachel, the teacher-turned-writer.

Rodger smiled as he imagined her writing those sizzling-hot love scenes in Swashbuckler; the woman knew passion. No one would know it by looking at the way she carried herself. She downgraded her sexiness–hell, she’d worn a suit. She probably thought it made her look professional. To anyone who hadn’t read her writing, it probably did.

To him, the suit and professional veneer mocked him, teasing him to wonder just how much of her writing was based on experience and how much was based on imagination.

His hands faltered while buttoning the linen shirt he’d normally never wear in public. He’d bought it for the final meeting with the producers yesterday, trying to visually fit the part of Rohbert MacLeod, the youngest son of a clan warrior turned to a life of privateering. Rodger would have to send his agent an expensive ‘thank-you’ gift for the idea.

Here’s a link to the blurb for Swashbuckler >

And here’s some eye candy. My favorite flavor. 🙂 gerard butler

23 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday #3 Swashbuckler

  1. “…wonder just how much of her writing was based on experience and how much was based on imagination.”

    Don’t we writers often allow autobiographical references work their way into our writing?
    Sometimes is our real experiences, sometimes our dreams.

    Nice work, Karysa.

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