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Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday folks! I’m still sharing snippets from Swashbuckler, my contemporary romance. Rachel and Rodger have finished dinner (which included a few beers) and he’s convincing her to stay with him a bit before she goes back home on public transit. They’re in a cab going from the restaurant back to his hotel.

“Come on up, have a cup of coffee, and then we’ll get you home,” Rodger insisted.  Rachel gave him a peculiar glance, looked like she was about to say something, but then seemed to change her mind. She told the cab driver to just go to the hotel and then she sat back. In a move that took Rodger by surprise, she grabbed his arm, put it around her, and then snuggled up next to him.

“I’m cold,” she explained, mumbling into his chest.

So close to her, he could smell a soft lavender scent. His eyes wandered down to her bare legs, the skirt having ridden up to mid-thigh. Rodger’s hand itched to reach down and feel if she was as creamy smooth as she looked.

He swallowed as he resisted the impulse.

Here’s a link to the blurb for Swashbuckler >

And here’s a very cool photograph. . . sexylegs_l6dc9u4n

15 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday #4 Swashbuckler

  1. The I’m cold excuse, I don’t think there’s a woman alive who hasn’t used that at least once as an excuse to snuggle. Excellent snippet. And you’re right, that’s an amazing photo.

  2. Very nice description of what happens. I could see it clearly and really want to know what that look she gave him meant. I read your blurb. Sounds like these two are in for a very bumpy ride. Great job!

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