Snippet Sunday #12 Chicken Casado

mexican colors

Welcome Snippet Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors folks! Thank you so  much for stopping by to read my snippet. But first, happy Cinco de Mayo! Love this day, but mainly for the food, I have to admit. My mom used to make the yummiest taco salad–lettuce, shredded cheese, olives, canned garbanzo and kidney beans, seasoned ground beef, green onions, tomatoes, all tossed with Doritos. Time for a midnight run to the store!

So, in celebration of food, I’m sharing a scene with you from Swashbuckler, my WIP, that takes place in Costa Rica (and yes, I know that Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican celebration, not a Latin American one). Rachel, our heroine, is there on a promotion tour and is sitting down to her first meal with her personal guide, Luz. You’ll see where I skipped a few lines in order to focus on food.

“We have so much planned for you,” Luz was saying as the waiter dropped off the hot plates of casado. The tangy smell of tomatoes and black beans, mixed with grilled chicken and fresh lime, wafted up. Her stomach answered the call of the meal with a growl and Rachel nearly savaged the food before Luz was even done speaking.costa-rica-casado-main-460x270

“Wait, wait, a toast–we must begin your trip to our beautiful Costa Rica with a welcome toast,” Luz insisted. Rachel sighed and raised the glass of cold beer that was already half empty. . . . . . . . . .

The first bites were a delicious explosion of taste, flavored with cilantro and hints of garlic and onion. Rachel had eaten only snacks since leaving California, so she gratefully enjoyed the hot cuisine. Topping it off with the rest of her Bavarian Negra, a dark beer, she settled back in her chair with a sigh when she was done. If she were alone, she’d indulge in a large belch, one that would have made her grandmother gasp in prim horror.

Here’s a link to the blurb for Swashbuckler >

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