Okay, Cupid. Here we go…

My tagline for this blog is “finding a way through the crazy world of love by reading, writing and experiencing.” I’ve been doing a lot of reading. Writing. But I’ve done very little experiencing. The experiences that I have had in the past two years, I’ve swept from my heart as quickly as possible for fear of remembering the hurt. The only problem with doing that is there hasn’t been a lot of reflection and processing. I’ve probably haven’t learned much through those experiences except for how to shut down and turn off.

Not good for a woman who writes romance. And really not good for a woman who wants romance in her life.

So how about if I put it out there for the blog-o-sphere to read? My process, my dates, my experiences? If I write about it, I will process. I won’t be able to hide in my house finding excuse after excuse as to why I should stay in every night during the week.

Experience #1:
I joined OKCupid today. Sorry, won’t tell you my username though I probably won’t be hard to find. 🙂 I had a friend read the profile and give suggestions on how to portray a more accurate ‘me’. Posted pictures. Even sent off a few emails to a few men. I’ll keep you posted. . .

Cupid and Psyche

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