Snippet Sunday #13 Memories of campfires past

tasty treats

Thank you for stopping by my blog today. An especially warm welcome to Snippet Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors folks! This week, I’m sharing a from Swashbuckler, a contemporary romance. In honor of Mothers Day, my snippet shows a bit of the relationship between Rachel and her daughter, Angela. Following from last week, Rachel is still in Costa Rica on a book tour/vacation. In this scene she’s on an overnight river-rafting trip while Angela is back in the U.S.

She went and sat down on a log by the fire, stretching her legs and hands out toward the flames–what she wouldn’t do for a long stick with a marshmallow at the end. Smiling, she thought of her daughter and their last camping trip together. It had been just the two of them and together they’d erected the tent, laid out their sleeping bags, and started the camp fire with the bundle of wood they had purchased from the forest ranger station. They must have eaten a box of graham crackers and half a bag of marshmallows that night.

Angela would love it here.

Rachel looked up at the night sky, seeing the crescent moon behind a layer of clouds beginning to move in. Barely visible, she focused on the brightest star of Ursa Major. “If you see her, please tell Angela I love and miss her,” she said. The star shimmered back, winking at the request.

Here’s a link to the blurb for Swashbuckler >

21 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday #13 Memories of campfires past

  1. I like that you mentioned Ursa Major in this. To make it even better you could mention which start exactly. They all have names. 😉 Nasa probably has a chart to help you with that. Loved that you talked about the camping trip with Angela. It helps connect the reader to your character.

  2. I remember last weeks–it made me hungry! 🙂 A nice memory and I like the ending with the star. I have fond memories of camping with my kids. We’ve past the early teen phase where they don’t want to hang with us. Now that they are a bit older they are actually asking to go camping again. This was a good choice for Mother’s Day.

    History Sleuth’s Writings

  3. Awww…this totally tugged at my heartstrings. Wonderful snippet, Karysa. Perfect for Mother’s Day. XO

  4. I could smell the campfire — and it made me want marshmallows! But I did the same the same thing Sarah W did — read the snippet first, and thought, oh no, Angela is dead.Was relieved when I read the recap.

  5. Such a wonderful memory! I read the snippet before the explanation, and was relieved to know that Angela was all right, only very far away.

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