Snippet Sunday #14 The call–every mom’s nightmare

Welcome to another Sunday of Snippet Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors! Thank you so much for visiting my blog.

First off, apologies to everyone who left a comment last week for whom I wasn’t able to return the favor. My Sunday completely got away from me! This week I’ll do better, I promise. Second, I’m totally cheating today as I’ve posted ten sentences. Sorry! It’s just that the last two lines make the snippet.

This week, I’m sharing a snippet from Swashbuckler, a contemporary romance. Several comments last week said the snippet was sweet and a little sad. Now you get to read what that little bit of foreshadowing was about…

Rachel, in Costa Rica, has had an argument with Rodger and she’s stewing in her hotel room. For reference, Angela is Rachel’s daughter and Margie is Rachel’s best friend.

            The room phone rang, interrupting Rachel’s spiral of emotions. Debating on whether or not to answer, she opted for picking up the line in case it was Angela. Or, if it was Rodger. He should have the opportunity to apologize, or she should have the chance to yell at him again and vent her frustration.

            “Rachel, honey, it’s Margie.” Instant fear filled her at hearing her best friend’s voice. There was no reason for her to call—they had just spoken a day ago.

            “Please tell me everything’s okay,” Rachel said, holding her fear in check, hoping that she was just being paranoid.

            Then Margie brought Rachel’s world down around her with the words that are every mother’s nightmare. “I’m so sorry–there’s been an accident.”

Here’s a link to the blurb for Swashbuckler >  Old-Fashioned-Phones-stampsrubberstamp.com_

25 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday #14 The call–every mom’s nightmare

  1. Well, I’m not a parent, but I can definitely sympathize. I could only imagine the heartbreak my mom would feel if she were to receive news like that about me or my sister. So devastating. I really hope her daughter is okay.

  2. Oh, man, my guts clenched. I think all friends should start out by saying the positives before “I’m so sorry” – but then, maybe there isn’t any positives here. Wow. Powerful snippet, Karysa. 🙂

    • Thanks, Siobhan. I totally agree, friends should start out with a positive. BUT, then where would the tension be? 😉 And to make things worse, we don’t find out what happened for a few pages…

  3. No! Not Angela! Unfair!

    Can’t believe I’m this concerned with a character I read eight sentences about maybe a month ago—or maybe I can! Well done. ;D

  4. Realistic scene. So awful. My first thought was that Angela was in the accident, then I thought, no, it could be Rodger, but THEN I paid attention to your headline. So it’s Angela.

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