Snippet Sunday #15 Rachel’s Gone

Rose from Chicago

Thank you for stopping by, Snippet Sunday-ers and Weekend Writing Warriors.

I’m continuing where I left off from last week with Swashbuckler, a contemporary romance. I’m keeping you in suspense, btw. We don’t get to find out what happened with Angela until a few weeks from now. Sorry! I know that’s evil of me. 😉 Remember, before Rachel got the call last week, she’d just had a fight with Rodger.

The roses were limp in his fist as he realized Rachel wasn’t there. Her suitcase was gone. A quick check of the bathroom confirmed she had packed up everything. Almost everything; she had forgotten her razor and half-empty bottle of travel shampoo in the shower. Items easy to replace. It was only a hotel room, but it felt as if life had been sucked out of it with Rachel gone.

How could she have left him? It had only been one argument, one silly argument. Would she really give up on their relationship that easily?

Here’s a link to the blurb for Swashbuckler > 

34 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday #15 Rachel’s Gone

  1. My first time here, I’m jumping into the middle of a story, so I don’t know the characters yet. I like this word description: “With her gone, it felt like life had been sucked out of the room.” I’m already suspicious of this man, that he hasn’t got a clue why his “wife, gf” left him so hastily. It could just be me, but I want to know more about the woman and why she left so dramatically!

  2. No. It wasn’t just the argument. There’s more going on here. Don’t be so egocentric, Rodger! Now look, you’ve got me shouting at your characters, Karysa. That’s always a good sign.

  3. I feel sorry for him. The limp roses were a good touch. Maybe she should have left him a note, but she was in a hurry.
    Nice sippet!

  4. Oh, poor guy. Of course he’d think it was their argument and she wouldn’t bother to leave a note because they’d fought. Great snippet, Karysa. Love the introduction of more conflict. 🙂

    • Thanks, Siobhan. And of course, the misunderstandings only get ‘better’, i.e., there’re more of them. How can he be there for Rachel (the reason she mistrusts love) when he thinks she left because he’d been such a jerk (due to his issues of trusting love)? Hope I haven’t said too much…

  5. There is nothing more heartwringing to me than a handful of wilted flowers . . . okay, no, but it’s in my top five.

    Such a misunderstanding!

    • I know, right?! Crazy thing is, I couldn’t find an appropriate pic. I finally pulled one that I’d taken several years ago in the Botanical Gardens in Highland Park (near Chicago).

  6. One fight and she flies out the door? Hmm. I hope there’s more motivation than that. Can’t keep running from every fight. If the relationship is worth it, she needs to stand her ground. Nice description of the life being sucked out of the room. Really gives the reader a good sense of how much she fills his life.

  7. All i could think when I read this snippet was, oh crap, she left because of Angela, but he has no idea… Still wondering what happend to Angela though. Terrific snippet!

  8. I’m not sure my other comment went through, but you won my Superb Snippet Award! I sent you a message on Twitter since I couldn’t find your contact email in order to send the prize graphic. 🙂

  9. This gripped me so much, starting right from that first line. Love this.
    Every week, I select my favorite snippet to receive my Superb Snippet award, and yours is it! I’ll be contacting you with the award graphic. Congrats!

  10. Either she is really strong or it was a terrible argument. All in all it seems that her world is falling apart.
    I want to know what happened to Angela, the suspense is killing me.

    • Yes, her world is falling apart. What’s this called? The Dark Moment? We’re leading up to that now… You’ll find out soon what’s going on. Thanks for hanging in there! 🙂

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